Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Coming to a jewellery box near you...introducing the Clusterfuck Collection

So this is a wee taste of what I've been keeping myself busy with: The Clusterfuck Collection. I had two goals,

1. Create some jewellery that was eclectic and interesting and a bit of a a good way.
2. Throw the word fuck in there for significant reasons but also for some good cursing karma.

I should say, or maybe I shouldn't say that I fucking love swearing. It feels so fucking great to swear, mostly because I work a day job where it would not be the best idea to say fuck all the time but also because I just love to say fuck. I try not to swear in the blog too much, and I generally try not to swear all that often...but I fucking love it.

I'm not implying with the title of this collection that the necklaces are one big fucking mess. I put thought into each piece...more of a calculated clusterfuck than anything. The Steer Clusterfuck necklace is now up for grabs on Etsy. Click on the photos above for some Hibou Accessories on Etsy loving.

Now we have the Nautical Clusterfuck Necklace. I've mixed vintage charms, sodalite stone, a few charms I picked up last time I was in Santa Cruz and some sweet sweet chain. I love gun metal, but for some reason I only like it in bits and pieces. You know what that means? Paired with gold, this necklace and the rest of these guys go with mostly everything in the land of jewellery. We've got silver, gun metal and gold, so anything goes and I like that kind of versatility in my accessories. This piece has just been added to my Etsy shop, check it out!

This last teaser might end up being a permanent teaser. Above, I'm wearing the Bear Clusterfuck Necklace, which I have not taken off since I put it on for this picture last week. See that little flip in my hair? That's not usually there...this is the hair flip of someone who is going to tease you with awesome stuff and never sell it to you! Even though it's my job! I think I'll try to make something similarish (all of these babies are one of a kind), and I promise I won't taunt you with it.

There's more to come! Featuring all sorts of clusterfucky goodness: crystals! horses! Wild Bill Hickok! emroidered uniform name tags! Stay tuned...and let me know what you think. Is there anything you'd like to see thrown into a mess of charms and chain? Do tell.

Thanks for reading,
xoxo Amarina

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