Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tuesday Tunes (But on Wed) - The Chemical Brothers + Wayne Coyne

One of my favourite songs of the last decade, three weirdos get together and make weirdo music and a perfect song comes out of that weirdness. The video is pretty sweet too.



Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday Tunes - Chromeo

I have a strong memory of the first time I heard Chromeo. There is a possibility that I had been smoking a bit of grass when I came across their music video for Needy Girl, and I realized what love at first sight could truly be. Now, they are on the verge of having the recognition they deserve with their forthcoming album Business Casual and they release this totally mental and completely terrifying yet somehow sexy but nightmare inducing music video. It makes me feel weird and I love it.

Dance dance dance!

xoxo Amarina

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Guns and Poses

I was fully submerged in a creative rut flavoured milkshake when I couldn't take it anymore, so I jumped up and decided that I needed to:

1. Stop drinking creative rut flavoured milkshakes
2. Sit down and focus
3. Find some new shit to light a fire under my ass

And this, my friends is what I pulled out...and I'm so damn proud of my new jams!


There is a good chance that when I came across these babies, I gasped and perhaps cursed out loud, alone, in my apartment. How could this be possible? An over-sized series of gun charms that lock and click and look awesome and they're screaming my name? I opened my arms and gave these guys a warm welcome.

I recently sat down and had a little chat with my new friends and they whispered that they didn't need much flash, just a long chain and someone to love them.

The revolver is my personal favourite, the barrel opens fully and each gun locks and fires. Every time I wear this out I get comments, smiles and sneers. It's a conversation starter!

These babies are going up in my Etsy shop this week! And as always, more to come.