Sunday, April 26, 2009

Casa Loma Inspiration/Take Over Part II

This whole case was a tease; I wanted to put the gloves on, tuck the darling little purse under my arm and sit on the chair outside in the garden. I'd use the mother of pearl binoculars to spy on passersby and write notes about them in the "Nature Calendar of Wild Flowers" where events and important things should have been scrawled.

Beside the chair sat another slew of things I wanted to rummage through and play with. I'm particularly fond of the metal details surrounding the closure of this small case.

All of a sudden we ended up in a whole wing full of war paraphernalia. I was really drawn to these badges, consciously telling myself not to smash the glass and repurpose these medals of honour. This was definitely one of the most inspiring areas of the whole castle for me.

I felt like the cases were unending...this was another fave. I guess you didn't want to piss off Staff Sergt. Wm. Ashall.

We finished off the tour with what felt like a death hike up a million baby stairs on a tightly wound staircase. Clearly as a form of distraction from the possibility of death, people stopped to write notes and sign the brick walls. I was impressed by the number of people who carry White Out, hopefully for occasions just like this.

In conclusion, check out Casa Loma bitches!

xoxo Amarina

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