Saturday, January 31, 2009

Amarina Bird

OK Andrew Bird,

I'm going to publicly state that I know we're meant to be together. What's that you say? You've known all along and have been dying to reciprocate my sultry glances? This must be love.

Now everyone else,

I've decided to add some weekly music video love. This week, to commemorate my new relationship with one of my many fantasy true loves I'd like to share "Imitosis" by none other than Andrew (Amarina forever) Bird. It has lots of wonderful gem insects. And Dosh on drums. As I have not figured out how to add a youtube video to my site, click here to see the genius...or click on his picture for the magic!

xoxo Amarina

Friday, January 30, 2009


Hi friends,

I've been working until my eyes feel like I have sandpaper for eyelids. Good news? Photoshopping of images for new fashiony things is complete! Here's a little mate and I found this roaring lion when we decided that going to Value Village for knick knacks and being very close to arriving late at a wedding was better than not going to Value Village and being way on time. The gamble obviously paid off! I'll be adding new jewellery to my Etsy site over the next couple of days. Happy weekend!

xoxo Amarina

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hibou Accessories

So it's been exactly 28 days since I vowed to create a blog that shows off my wares as well as an outlet to share completely random things that I am drooling over.

Here's my deal:

* My name is Amarina.

* I really, really enjoy making jewellery.

* My shop is Hibou Accessories, that's "Ee-boo" which is "owl" in French.

* I have been more than moderately obsessed with owls since I threw on a leather mitt and fed one raw meat at a shady bird sanctuary/mermaid appreciation centre as a child. I assure you this is true, it's in Florida somewhere.

* It is a miracle that I haven't been hospitalized after a fierce living room dance party.

I plan on posting every day or so (which means once a week) so be sure to check back for fresh goodies!