Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Eagerly Awaiting the New Season of Mad Men

Lord knows I love reality television more than any rational being should, ever. I may in fact, be the only person who is looking forward to More to Love, where fatties can love fatties and the skinnies can keep to themselves on the Bachelor and Bachelorette series.

When I'm not dreaming of being stranded on an island with a bunch of strangers, singing my way to stardom or drinking my face off and having tantrums in the name of quality television, I am watching Mad Men. The Season 2 finale was satisfying in so many ways and teased in so many more, I can't wait for the new season!!

Here I am having a martini and seducing Don Draper after a sweaty afternoon of taming stallions. Looks like I have some more taming to do!


Click on my dream scene above to make your own!

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