Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Amarina Galafianakis

Dear Zach Galifianakis,

I honestly can't remember the first time I laid eyes on your delightful face, but you have been at the top of my fantasy to-do list for years. You were also on my mind when I acknowledged a pattern and discovered that my "type o' man" is typically a little chubby, a little beardy, maybe a little boozy and totally hilarious. Other men that I found jumping into this mix but didn't stay long include Richard Karn (of Home Improvement fame...he didn't meet the "hilarious" requirement) and my Grade 12 German teacher who liked to wear lederhosen-inspired khakis and button up collarless dress shirts.

Now that I've been thinking about this much harder than I probably should be, I'm pretty sure the first time I saw you was in Out Cold, which must have been airing on TV one night at 3am. I have to say that I was super excited to see you in a leading film role that was not Out Cold. After seeing a few different previews for The Hangover, I decided to go opening night. Not only was the flick significantly better than what I had been expecting, but we got to see [spoiler alert] your ass and junk. I highly recommend it if you're into masculine douchebaggery and gross-out jokes.

In honour of The Hangover being funny enough to recommend to you guys and in celebration of determining my Man Type after 27 years of crushing on the guys no one else crushes on, here's my hubby's take on Fiona Apple's Not About Love, which I am about, but only when it comes to chubby, beardy comedians with a bit of a lush streak and unruly facial hair.


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