Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Gossip - Heavy Cross

Have I mentioned that I'm in love with Beth Ditto and The Gossip? There are 6 million reasons why and here are two of them, in no order of significance:

1. Beth Ditto is hot, fat, rock & roll, and unapologetic. As a plus-sized girl, I often get irritated and ranty when it comes to fat & fashion, fat & beauty, fat & role-models, fat & fat-hate and fat & pretty much everything else in pop culture. I try to spare everyone from my long-winded rants with much success but I'm going to step out of that to say: Beth Ditto is hot AND fat AND awesome and it's about time that someone this wicked is finally breaking some molds.

2. When it comes to being fashionable (an extreme challenge for meaty ladies as we have limited options) Beth Ditto rocks that shit out, wearing whatever she feels like and looking hot. Did I mention she's hot?

Check out the new single from The Gossip, "Heavy Cross". Dripping in gold jewellery and spitting gold dust, this chick is after my heart. I've already concluded that this album is going to be one summer anthem after another and it'll be a new livingroom dance party fave.

Happy Pride Week everyone!

xoxo Amarina

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