Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Walking and Peeking

Now I would never consider myself to be a photographer, as my photography "skills" are limited to happy accidents. These two photos however, were taken on a random walk down Pape Street in my lovely Riverdale neighbourhood and I really really like them. I'm sure locals and those familiar with the area have wandered by this residence (maybe a residence? I took these shots through a semi-boarded up store front) and wondered what the hell is going on inside. Wait. Does anyone know what's going on here? Tell me, I'm dying to know! Is this some kind of landmark that I've somehow missed?

So in front of the portrait above is a case that I like to call "The Skull Factory" (pictured here) ignoring of course, that the skulls never change, nor have any new ones been added since I began peeking in the window. Here's where I get all detective on your ass: the plants seem to be well-watered and the skull display case looks shiny and dust-free while the exterior appears to have had it's last coat of paint in the 40's and has certainly seen better days. Who lives and/or works here? I need to know them.
Also, there is a small part of me that is fairly certain I'll wander by one day and see the soles of an old pair of boots (attached to feet) sticking out on the floor by the portrait. I've actually convinced myself that of all the locations in all the eccentric places in Toronto (some of which I've lived in), THIS is the place where I will accidently stumble upon a crime scene.

OK, this has been all very revealing. Have a great night, I'll be cozied up watching Project Runway Canada with the man and our cat-daughter!
xoxo Amarina

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  1. This is amazing! Where is this place? I must peek in the windows too.